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Trumbull, Ohio, USA (Tree:St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database)



Trumbull, Ohio, USA

Primary Birth events within Trumbull, Ohio, USA (Tree:St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database)

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 Finney, Edwin1820Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2381
2 Finney, James1825Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2382
3 Finney, Orlando A1832Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA1895 SSH2384
4 Finney, R Cordelia1824Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2383
5 St. John, _____ Son1825-1830Trumbull, Ohio, USA  I105552470
6 St. John, _____ Son1825-1830Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  I105552471
7 St. John, _____ Son1835-1840Trumbull, Ohio, USA  I105552466
8 St. John, _____ Daughter1835-1840Trumbull, Ohio, USA  I105552468
9 St. John, Albert Westley12 Apr 1839Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA6 Aug 1864Arkansas, USASSH2396
10 St. John, Alcinda Ann9 Oct 1844Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA1893Mayville, Dodge, Wisconsin, USASSH2399
11 St. John, Amanda Elizabeth11 May 1849Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2401
12 St. John, Calvin1838Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2395
13 St. John, Cyrus10 Sep 1840Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA6 May 1924Algona, Kossuth, Iowa, USASSH2397
14 St. John, Franklin R7 Jul 1836Brezeta, Trumbull, Ohio, USA4 Aug 1922Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USAI11163
15 St. John, Hannah M12 Apr 1816Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA26 Feb 1882Mecca, Trumbull, Ohio, USAI105552463
16 St. John, Harvey12 Dec 1846Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA25 Oct 1849Green, Wisconsin, USASSH2400
17 St. John, Marcus R1831Trumbull, Ohio, USA1862Trigg, Kentucky, USAI105552469
18 St. John, Parintha McCluer20 Aug 1842Trumbull, Ohio, USA9 Mar 1916Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, USAI105552465
19 St. John, William Richard8 Sep 1842Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  SSH2398
20 St. John, William W1823Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA  I8600

Primary Death events within Trumbull, Ohio, USA (Tree:St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database)

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Gregory, Mabelaft. 1842Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA18 Apr 1773Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USAI507
2 Grover, Isabell Margaret7 Jun 1846Trumbull, Ohio, USA4 Dec 1774Pennsylvania, USASSH2385
3 St. John, Augustus1858Mecca, Trumbull, Ohio, USA1807Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USAI105552459
4 St. John, Ebenezer18 May 1881Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA14 Oct 1793Connecticut, United States OSA0450
5 St. John, George Washington16 Oct 1847Niles, Trumbull, Ohio, USA3 Dec 1808Fayette, Pennsylvania, USASSH2390
6 St. John, Gilbert L1 May 1886Gusavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA1813Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USAI105552462
7 St. John, Hannah M26 Feb 1882Mecca, Trumbull, Ohio, USA12 Apr 1816Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USAI105552463
8 St. John, Orilla18 Oct 1861Mecca, Trumbull, Ohio, USA12 Feb 1804Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USAI105552457
9 St. John, Seth1842Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA12 Jun 1764Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut, USAOSA0165

Census events within Trumbull, Ohio, USA (Tree:St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database)

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   Name  Census BirthDeathPerson ID
1 St. John, Ebenezer1820Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA14 Oct 1793Connecticut, United States 18 May 1881Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USAOSA0450
2 ''1830Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
3 ''1840Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
4 ''1850Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
5 ''1860Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
6 ''1870Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
7 ''1880Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
8 St. John, Norman1827Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA1802Cazenovia, Madison, New York, USA1840-1849Monroe, Ohio, USAI105552455
9 ''1828Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
10 ''1829Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
11 ''1830Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
12 ''1831Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
13 ''1832Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
14 ''1832Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
15 ''1833Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
16 ''1834Vienna, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
17 ''1835Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
18 ''1835Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
19 ''1837Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''
20 ''1838Fowler, Trumbull, Ohio, USA''''''''''

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Primary Marriage events within Trumbull, Ohio, USA (Tree:St. John Origin and Ancestry DNA Database)

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Ebenezer St. John / Pattie Mecham21 Jan 1821Gustavus, Trumbull, Ohio, USAF4308
2 Jacob St. John / Ann Smith15 Mar 1837Weathersfield, Trumbull, Ohio, USAF5282
3 Norman St. John / Mary Ann Rankin24 Dec 1823Trumbull, Ohio, USAF399125
4 William W St. John / Mary Jane Nash2 Sep 1842Trumbull, Ohio, USAF3622

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