My Daddy Died
By Suzanne St. John

(c) November 9, 2008

How do I write

When all I want is to cry?

Months passed and it's the same every night

Why did my daddy have to die?

Young or old it's too hard to manage

I miss him too much to move on

His absence is creating damage

My heart just isn't that strong

The one man who always loved me

Saw right through all I tried to hide

Built me up, taught me to think, set me free

Until the night I had to face he died

Now I'm a prisoner to the pain

I just wasn't ready to face this? How?

I need him to pick me up before I go insane

But my daddy isn't here with me now

Daddy who will care when I cry?

Who will say the right things when I'm defeated?

Who will show me truth in the face of a lie?

How am I supposed to accept he is dead?

Nothing ever ripped me so deep

Nothing ever destroyed so much of me

All I can do is weep; all I can do is weep

My daddy died, he can't hear my plea

Jesus I hope you reached him in time

Please God have a hold of my prayer

Answer me with the truth not rhyme

Tell me my daddy is with you there!