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OSA0026 Captain Samuel St. John (Links to wrong Mathias as father) Father should be Mathias 1635-1671 not Mathias II b. 1628

Excerpt from "Prall, McHugh, Faucett, Crail and Allied Families: The Story of my Ancestral Heritage," Vol. II, p. 122-128 [Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD, 2009].

OSA0026 Captain Samuel St. John

by Terry Prall   

 Samuel St. John was born between 1672 and 1677 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.  [estimate based on mother's age] He died before 1752 at the age of 80 in Cortland Manor, Westchester Co., New York.12 Samuel St. John was originally listed as a son of Matthias St. John and Rachel Bouton in Alexander's The St. John Genealogy.It is suggested here that Mrs. Alexander was in error and Samuel was the son of Matthias and Elizabeth [_____] St. John. 

     The St. John Genealogy shows Samuel's birth as 168_ and the marriage of Matthias and Rachel as about 1690. These conflicting dates alone bring up questions about the accuracy of Alexander's interpretation of the available documents. As Samuel was reaching maturity in Norwalk, there were two Matthias St. Johns living in the town. The elder Matthias would have been identified as Senior and the younger as Junior.In the deeds where Samuel is named as both son and grantee, it is Matthias St. John, Senior who is the grantor. 

     Samuel was probably born by 1672, based on "The Children of the Town" list that was recorded that year in Norwalk. Matthias St. John was shown with seven children..Only five children [with the addition of Samuel] have been identified for Matthias and Elizabeth. Selleck in his book Norwalk surmises that the couple had eight children.If that is the case, then Samuel could have been born closer to 1680. 

     Samuel St. John was born and raised in Norwalk and married there about 1702. His bride was Rebecca Olmstead, daughter of John and Mary [Benedict] Olmstead. Both Rebecca and Samuel were named in the probate packet for John Olmstead's estate in February 1704/5.Rebecca was named as a daughter of the deceased and Samuel received half of a lot on the plain overlooking the river, one acre and 32 poles of land in the great meadow overlooking the river, land at the Wolf Pit Hills, and "movables". 

     In June of 1701, Matthias St. John, Sr. deeded six acres by the meadow field "for and in consideration of the love, good will and affection toward my loving son Samuell St. John"[NLR-2/3:252].*That same month, on the 24th, Matthias, Sr. assigned to Samuel a bill for land that had belonged to his father [Matthias the immigrant][NLR-4:74].The town granted land to Ebenezer and Samuel on 30 March 1706 [NLR-2/3:34].Samuel St. John exchanged land "of Roaton and the Islands" with Thomas Betts Sr. and Jr. on 15 February 1706/7 [NLR-2/3:319].On 25 February 1706/7, the town of Norwalk granted land to Ebenezer, James, and Samuel St. John [NLR-2/3:331] and to Samuel and Matthias St. John [NLR-2/3:333].He exchanged land with John Raymond on 3 March 1706/7[NLR-2/3:331].Matthias, Sr. deeded land to son Samuel on 5 April 1710 [NLR-4:107]. 

     Samuel, his brothers Ebenezer and Matthias, and nephew Matthew were among the original proprietors of Ridgefield, Connecticut. On 13 September 1708, the 24 proprietors purchased the land for the new settlement from the Ramapoo Indians. They took possession of 20,000 acres in 1709. The site was divided into lots and on 9 February 1709/10 Samuel drew lot # 1[located at the south end of Main Street on the east side], Matthias drew lot # 6 and Matthew drew lot #18.[RLR-1:5] On 9 February the 3rd Division of land was also held. Samuel drew #15, Matthias #16, and Matthew #6. Samuel drew lot #22, Matthias #15, and Matthew #20 in the division of Plow Land on 10 February.In an earlier "Draught Division" held on 5 January, Samuel drew #7, Matthias #16, and Matthew #23 [RLR-1:5]. Ebenezer chose to remain on his property at Norwalk. 

     Samuel St. John, and his wife Rebecca, and Benjamin Wilson, and his wife Jane, all of Ridgefield sold land left to them by John Olmstead to Thomas Fitch on 10 January 1710/11[NLR-4:123].On 22 January 1710/11Samuel St. John of Ridgefield sold land at Norwalk to Thomas Benedict [NLR-4:118]. 

     Samuel was made a Sergeant in the Train Band [militia] in 1708 and chosen Lieutenant in May 1718. He was one of three appointed to look over town and propriety votes in 1715. Lt. St. John was chosen townsman in 1718,fence viewer in 1720-21,lister in 1724, townsman in 1727-28, surveyor and moderator of town meetings in 1729. 

     Samuel St. John and Daniel Olmstead, selectmen, "laid out a highway through the west point of James Northrup's homestead..."This event was recorded on 19 October 1719 and was one of the first highways laid out in the area.In May 1727, the Assembley at Hartford appointed Samuel St. John to be "Captain of the company or trainband in the town of Ridgefield aforesaid, and order he be commissioned accordingly." [p.91] 

     Samuel St. John sold an £80 right of commanage in the undivided lands in Norwalk to Nathaniel Ketcham and John St. John on 15 March 1720/1.The commanage "was my Honored father's Matthias St. John's" [NLR-5:150].Samuel and his wife Rebecca sold their home lot in Ridgefield to Lemuel More [RLL-2:72].**On 16 May 1729 the town of Ridgefield granted land to Captain St. John [RLL-1:75]. He drew lot #5 of the Draught Land on 28 March 1729 [RLL-1:81] and lot #7 on 29 December 1729 [RLL-1:82].On 9 February 1733/4 he deeded land to his eldest son Samuel [RLL-1:12]. 

     Samuel had moved his family to Cortland Manor, Westchester Co., New York around 1740. He described himself as "Samuel St. John lately of Ridgefield in the County of Fairfield and Colony of Connecticut in New England now living on Courtland Manor in the County of West Chester and province of New York" in a deed to Ralph Isaac on 13 February 1740/1[RLL-3:56] and in a deed of 7 September 1742 to P. Smith [RLL-3:77]. 

     Rebecca St. John was listed as a widow on a 1752 list of church members of the Church of Christ in Salem, Westchester Co., New York. Also on the list were daughter Peregrina [Nathan] Northrup, and sons Daniel and Noah and their wives. Based on this list of church members, Samuel St. John died sometime prior to the summer of 1752. 

*NLR: Norwalk Land Records **RLL:Ridgefield Land Records 

     Samuel St. John and Rebecca Olmstead were married about 1702 in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut. Rebecca Olmstead, daughter of John Olmstead and Mary Benedict, was born about 1681in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut.13,16 She died in 1755 at the age of 74 in Courtland Manor, Westchester Co., New York. She was also known as Rebecca St. John.

Owner/SourceTerry Prall
Date24 May 2013
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