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Charlotte, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Childress, Jacob C  abt. 1852Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12191
2 Childress, Joel W  abt. 1859Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12193
3 Childress, Manny J  abt. 1853Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12192
4 Childress, Sarah E  abt. 1848Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12190
5 Childress, William A  abt. 1845Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12189
6 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1795Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
7 de Port-St. John, Abraham D  1838Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550424
8 de Port-St. John, Alexander  abt. 1840Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550437
9 de Port-St. John, Dealy  abt. 1848Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12205
10 de Port-St. John, Doris I  18 Apr 1903Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12156
11 de Port-St. John, Elizabeth  abt. 1837Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12202
12 de Port-St. John, Frances  abt. 1825Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12197
13 de Port-St. John, Henry  abt. 1837Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550436
14 de Port-St. John, Isaac , of York, South Carolina, USA and Charlotte, Virginia, USA  abt. 1785Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12173
15 de Port-St. John, Jacob  10 Jun 1800Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12169
16 de Port-St. John, Jacob  abt. 1833Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12199
17 de Port-St. John, James Abner  Oct 1830Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550430
18 de Port-St. John, James K  May 1845Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550427
19 de Port-St. John, James W  abt. 1810Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12194
20 de Port-St. John, Jane  abt. 1820Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12186
21 de Port-St. John, John James  1840Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550425
22 de Port-St. John, Joseph Thomas  1869Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12246
23 de Port-St. John, Margaret  abt. 1842Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12204
24 de Port-St. John, Martha  abt. 1820Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12196
25 de Port-St. John, Martha  abt. 1832Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550434
26 de Port-St. John, Martha Mary E  1848Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550429
27 de Port-St. John, Mary  abt. 1811Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12171
28 de Port-St. John, Mary J  1908Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12158
29 de Port-St. John, Mary Jane  abt. 1834Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550435
30 de Port-St. John, Nancy Ann  abt. 1810Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12170
31 de Port-St. John, Poke  abt. 1846Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550428
32 de Port-St. John, Richard T  abt. 1829Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550432
33 de Port-St. John, Robert  abt. 1831Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12198
34 de Port-St. John, Robert  abt. 1844Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550438
35 de Port-St. John, Robert C  1828Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12244
36 de Port-St. John, Sarah  abt. 1810Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12195
37 de Port-St. John, Sarah  abt. 1840Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12203
38 de Port-St. John, Sarah E  abt. 1877Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12161
39 de Port-St. John, Walter Henry  9 Jun 1874Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12154
40 de Port-St. John, William  abt. 1835Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12201
41 de Port-St. John, William  abt. 1879Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12162
42 de Port-St. John, William M  1831Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550423
43 de Port-St. John, Wyatt Jacob  1842Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550426
44 Harris, Dicey  abt. 1804Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12166
45 Harris, Mary  1807Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12243
46 _____, Marcy  abt. 1815Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12200


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Covington, Frances A  31 Jul 1925Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12160
2 de Port-St. John, Jacob  10 Jun 1855Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12169
3 de Port-St. John, James Abner  Aug 1874Charlotte, Virginia, USA I105550430
4 de Port-St. John, Walter Henry  15 Nov 1963Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12154
5 Ramsey, Mary Etta  27 Mar 1931Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12155


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 de Port-St. John, Abraham Sr., of Charlotte, Virginia, USA  1820Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12167
2 de Port-St. John, Abraham Sr., of Charlotte, Virginia, USA  1830Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12167
3 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1830Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
4 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1840Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
5 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1850Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
6 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1850Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
7 de Port-St. John, Abraham Jr.  1860Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12165
8 de Port-St. John, Jacob  1850Charlotte, Virginia, USA I12169


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 St. John, James  Charlotte, Virginia, USA SSH5001


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 de Port-St. John / Harris  15 Nov 1792Charlotte, Virginia, USA F5014
2 de Port-St. John / Harris  17 Feb 1825Charlotte, Virginia, USA F5013

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