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Columbus, Franklin Co., OH


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Latitude: 39.9611755, Longitude: -82.9987942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Robert Joseph  3 Dec 1923Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8228
2 Borror, Dorothy  1 May 1949Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3448
3 Borror, Lesley Marie  1 Aug 1957Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7517
4 Borror, Margaret Ann  1 Apr 1935Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2820
5 Borror, Richard Wayne  9 Jan 1926Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6543
6 Corzilius, Lenore  7 Jan 1923Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1935
7 Fouty, William Perry  1902Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9756
8 Gallion, Carol  23 Jun 1943Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7951
9 Giardini, Albert George  6 Aug 1924Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9619
10 Gix, Lillian Alice  1 Dec 1913Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1795
11 Hill, Carroll  26 Sep 1928Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7905
12 Hill, James Emerson  28 Oct 1924Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7904
13 Holcomb, James Otto  ABT. 1928Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7729
14 Johnson, Joseph Walter  15 Aug 1892Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9747
15 Johnson, Ruth Lillie  25 Oct 1902Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9754
16 Keffer, Ernest Edward  5 Nov 1915Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9767
17 Keffer, Eunice Cogill  14 Oct 1907Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9763
18 Keffer, John William  29 Jan 1914Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9766
19 Keffer, Joseph  10 Aug 1910Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9765
20 Kimes, Bernice Mildred  25 Jan 1907Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9750
21 Landon, Tychicus  Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7431
22 Mulholland, Ruth  1921Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9794
23 Rogers, Margaret Thelma  1912Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9778
24 Sells, Minnie Mildred  22 Oct 1902Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2366
25 Sheridan, Aidan Joseph  11 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8207
26 Sheridan, Brady James  11 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8208
27 Sheridan, Chloe Marie  11 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8209
28 Sheridan, David Michael  11 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8210
29 Sheridan, Emily Rebecca  11 Sep 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8211
30 Sheridan, William James  14 Sep 1926Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2372
31 Siefert, Harriet B.  22 Mar 1917Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7800
32 Strickler, Daniel Luther  7 Oct 1916Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9574
33 Strickler, Thelma  21 Feb 1918Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9575
34 Webb, Barbara Jean  2 Apr 1955Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7744
35 Wilbur, Walter S.  22 Aug 1928Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9796


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Borror, Absalom M.  9 Nov 1908Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2237
2 Borror, Arch Melbourne  9 Mar 1937Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2365
3 Borror, Archie Melbourne Jr.  23 Aug 1974Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8247
4 Borror, Charles D.  10 Mar 1992Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3632
5 Borror, Dr. Donald Joyce  28 Apr 1988Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1829
6 Borror, Donna Jean  11 Jun 1992Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2879
7 Borror, Dorothy  6 Mar 2008Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3448
8 Borror, Elsie Nola  29 May 1990Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1841
9 Borror, Ercel Zadel  25 Nov 1987Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2369
10 Borror, Frank Hoadly  1 May 1954Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2045
11 Borror, Gary Wayne  12 Nov 2009Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8253
12 Borror, George Ivan  12 Jan 1989Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2047
13 Borror, Lesley Marie  30 Dec 2004Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7517
14 Borror, Margaret Ann  9 Aug 2005Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2820
15 Borror, Mary Francis  May 1981Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I8220
16 Borror, Richard Wayne  7 Jul 1974Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I6543
17 Borror, Robert Everett  22 Jun 1993Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2885
18 Brownfield, James Curtis  16 Mar 2008Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2751
19 Carrie  21 Jul 2005Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7637
20 Clarke, Emma Frances  29 Jan 1940Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9751
21 Elliot, Nellie  23 May 1992Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2052
22 Fouty, William Perry  1953Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9756
23 Gallion, Carol  14 Mar 1994Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7951
24 Gix, Lillian Alice  13 Mar 2005Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1795
25 Grafmiller, Jessie Verneta  22 Feb 1995Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2263
26 Hanes, Edna Pearl  9 Apr 1991Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9749
27 Hill, Carroll  14 Apr 2008Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7905
28 Hill, Cleo  2 Nov 1999Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2371
29 Hill, Elta Viola  5 Jan 1984Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3236
30 Hill, James Emerson  15 Mar 1991Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7904
31 Hill, Melvern  17 Jun 1951Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2370
32 Hill, Philip Neil  4 Feb 1929Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3238
33 Hill, Ralph Duane  12 Oct 1984Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I7903
34 Hill, Whitney Vaughn  15 Oct 1977Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2822
35 Hoover, Maude Ella  1 Jan 1920Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9748
36 Jahn, Ida Theresa  2 Mar 1955Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2283
37 Jones, Roy Sylvester  25 Nov 1940Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9597
38 Keffer, Ernest Edward  17 Feb 1917Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9767
39 Keffer, John William  19 Feb 1917Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9766
40 Keffer, Joseph  10 Aug 1910Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9765
41 Mackenzie, Margaret  9 Jul 1995Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3137
42 Madden, Mabel Marie  9 Nov 1994Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3224
43 McElwee, Velma M.  12 Dec 1987Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9784
44 Miller, Dessie Agnes  Feb 1960Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I2364
45 Miller, Gladys  22 Oct 1992Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3574
46 Milligan, Mable Elizabeth  9 Dec 1990Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I1809
47 Mulholland, Jack E.  14 Apr 1958Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9793
48 Mulholland, Ruth  1921Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9794
49 Nelson, Pauline Edna  30 Jan 1983Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I9369
50 Pauline  15 Aug 1998Columbus, Franklin Co., OH I3307

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Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Coon / Borror  5 Mar 1905Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1047
2 Hathaway / Shover  17 Sep 1994Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1572
3 Kidder / Shover  17 Sep 1994Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1491
4 Marks / Borror  8 Mar 1956Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F2703
5 Phillips / Gix  23 Dec 1934Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F0953
6 Rockhold / Borror  24 Jun 1972Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1336
7 Sheridan / Hill  ABT. 1946Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1215
8 Van Allen / Phillips  15 Oct 1994Columbus, Franklin Co., OH F1553

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